Quality Education

Impact goal: Learners in project areas acquire relevant high-quality education.

Digni supports work that improves access to inclusive and equitable quality education, such as primary and secondary education, early childhood education and vocational training. Child-friendly methodologies and mother-tongue education are encouraged. All people, irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity and disability; should have access to learning opportunities that help them acquire the knowledge and skills needed to capitalise on opportunities and to participate fully in society. This also includes migrants; indigenous peoples; children; and young people (especially those in vulnerable situations).

The 10 projects ending in 2021, from 6 different Digni member organisations, reported results on Quality Education as a thematic area. These projects covered areas such as education policy and administrational management, education facilities and training, early childhood education, primary education, basic life skills for youth and adults, and vocational training. Most of the projects provided capacity building for teachers in a combination with other measures to improve access to schools, inclusion, and child-friendly learning environments.

Education can have a positive impact on economic and sustainable development, women’s rights, peace and democratisation. However, today millions of children do not have access to school. This increases the risk of poverty, violence, child labor and teenage pregnancy. You can read more about how Digni`s members and partners work on projects related to education in this article in Norwegian: Barna er de store taperne (dagen.no)