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The result of our work reflects the faith-based values of the Digni Fellowship. They are the consequence of our response to God´s calling to relate to people in need as our neighbours, whom we must love and serve and whose dignity we strongly affirm. 

In line with this task, Digni and its members are committed to contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is a comprehensive action plan for people, planet and prosperity, as stated in Transforming Our World—The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

Our goals – and our effort to reach these – are presented in this Digni “flower” above.  In the two innermost circles, you will find the overall goals of all project interventions in the Digni project portfolio. The impact goals are divided into six thematic areas, each related to different Sustainable Development Goals. Strengthening civil society is a mandatory impact goal for all projects. The projects can choose between the five other impact goals, represented by the flower petals.

Each autumn, Digni publishes annual reports on results and finances from the previous year. The reports are sent to Norad and are important summaries of all the work the members of Digni do.


Financial Report 2018-2023

Learning review Climate, environment and the role of religous actors 2022-2023

Final report to Norad 2018-2023

2021 Økonomirapportering

2021 Annual Report

2020 Økonomirapportering (Norwegian)

2020 Annual Report

2018 Økonomirapportering (Norwegian)

2018 Annual report

2017 Økonomirapportering (Norwegian)

2015 Annual Raport

2013-2017 Period Report