Peaceful Relations

Impact goal: Project participants and communities enjoy equal rights and live in peace and safety.

There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development. Digni is committed to supporting work that fosters inclusive societies, in which all individuals enjoy equal rights, opportunities, and access to justice. This includes addressing issues such as gender-based violence, child protection, infringements of freedom of religion and belief, and discrimination against minorities and indigenous groups.

The 12 projects ending in 2021, from 6 different Digni member organisations, reported results on peaceful relations as a thematic area. The projects covered areas such as ending violence against women and girls, civilian peace building, conflict prevention and resolution, addressing human rights violations against minorities/ethnic groups, and safe and caring environment for children. 

Violence against women and girls remains the most widespread human rights violation worldwide, affecting one in three women in their lifetime. You can read more about how Digni`s partners and members work on preventing gender-based violence in this article in Norwegian Vold mot kvinner og jenter: Det mest utbredte menneskerettighetsbruddet (

Digni is a member of the Nordic Ecumenical Network on Freedom of Religion or Belief (NORFORB), which has developed various learning resources on Freedom of Religion or Belief, available on These resources are helpful for all who want to learn more about this right and how this can be promoted in their local context.