Good Health

Impact goal: Project participants and communities are able to positively influence conditions regarding their own health and well-being.

Digni is committed to supporting work that improves access to and influence conditions regarding quality health care. This includes reducing child and maternal mortality and communicable and non-communicable diseases (which depends on ensuring mental health); providing sexual and reproductive health services, health education and information, improved water and sanitation; and increasing individuals’, communities’ and health institutions’ ability to mitigate and respond to the negative health effects of Covid19 and other health crises.

11 projects ending in 2021, from 6 different member organisations, reported results on good health as a thematic area. The projects focused on access to basic drinking water and basic sanitation, basic health care, health education, promotion of mental health and well-being, reproductive health care, STD control including HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis control.  

Approximately 15% of the world ‘s population lives with disabilities. According to the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC), 80% of the world ‘s people living with disabilities reside in low-income countries as of 2022. If we are to fight poverty around the world, the inclusion of people with disabilities is vital. Several of Digni’s member organisations work with the rights of people living with disabilities in many countries in the global south. You can read more about their work in Norwegian here: Global Disability Summit fortjener mer oppmerksomhet | (

Alcohol and drug abuse are serious obstacles to development and public health. Blue Cross’s project in Kisumu, Kenya carries out drug prevention work for children and young people, where local communities and schools also are involved. You can read more about the project in this article in Norwegian. Prosjektbesøk til Blue Cross Kisumu i Kenya | (