Environmental Sustainability

Impact goal: project participants and communities are resilient to climate change and exercise responsible stewardship of the environment.

Digni supports work that protect the planet from degradation and climate change, promotsg sustainable production and responsible management of natural resources. This includes improving agricultural practices and sustainable energy sources. Building individuals’ and communities’ resilience to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and the depletion of natural resources is a vital part of this work.

6 projects ending in 2021 reported on environmental sustainability as a thematic area. The projects covered areas such as environmental education/ training, agricultural development, environmental policy and administrative management, livestock and agricultural education/training. The projects carried out activities aimed at making communities more resilient to negative livelihood conditions, mainly by introducing environmentally friendly alternative agricultural practices and sustainable management of natural resources adapted to the specific challenges in the target areas

Many of Dignis members and partners work on projects related to environmental sustainability. The Solar Training and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Center (STREEC) project in Eswatini aims to train entrepreneurs in renewable energy. You can read more about how STREEC contributes to poverty reduction, jobs and energy security  in this article in Norwegian. Sats på fornybar energi (dagen.no)

Climate change will become even more serious in the coming years. As a result, millions of poor people, especially in Africa, risk being exposed to famine, drought, disease and displacement within a few decades. In this article (Hvem tar regningen når regnet ikke kommer? (panoramanyheter.no) you can read more about how the Digni member Norwegian Lutheran Mission in collaboration with the local population, have built water cisterns. These have been very important through the many drought periods.