NOR – Climate-change Impacts Mitigation and Adaptation for Environmental Sustainability (CLIMATES)

Keeping resilient livelihoods, natural resource conservation and risks mitigation at centre, CLIMATES project focuses on participatory involvement of its beneficiaries and stakeholders. The project creates resilient communities in Bungal municipality and Bogatan Fudsil rural municipality of Bajhang and Doti districts, respectively. The project supports communities mitigate the impacts of climate change by promoting clean energy alternatives such as solar, improved water mill etc. and adapt to the same by supporting diversified livelihoods, climate smart technologies and approaches, local knowledge/innovations and by increasing their capacity to cope with the climate-induced shocks and stresses. The project works closely with local governments to strengthen their capacities and to address communities’ resilience of both the municipalities by supporting the implementation of local DRR policies and strategies.