NMS Current Affairs II (YES )

YES is a communications for Development (C4D) project based in Egypt focusing on the cultivation of Social Cohesion as a means to address widespread despondency and apathy among rights-deprived youth. This project used conventional and media-based interventions to promote diversity and develop personal responsibility (empowerment) and creative self-expression.
The change the project wants to achieve:
Youth in Egypt and across the MENA region experience a greater sense of social cohesion based on the promotion of diversity, personal responsibility, and creative self-expression.
How will the project work to achieve this overall change:
This overall goal will be pursued through three outcome level goals, namely 1) Together, 2) For our Society and 3) To Build the Future.
1. Toghether: Youth in Egypt and across the MENA region possess a greater awareness of the drivers of social erosion and a more hopeful outlook.
2. For our Society: Youth in Egypt across the MENA region cultivate a greater sense of individual and corporate responsibility through building bridges of understanding and addressing matters of injustice.
3. To build the future: Youth in Egypt and across the MENA region more actively and independently engage in resolving matters of shared public concern so that life can be improved for all.