MA – Building a ‘business for development’ model as a means towards sustainable and inclusive economic empowerment

SMEs are the backbone of most economies as they generate employment and create economic development within communities. Yet, Cambodia faces challenges serving the ‘missing middle’ – SMEs ready to scale but who lack financial investment, competency and networks. The BfD project will create economic and social transformation by developing sustainable, inclusive and equitable value-chains through MABD – a social enterprise within Mission Alliance (MA). We plan to use a marketdriven business model grounded to create a collaborative eco-system of stakeholders to support the development of Cambodian entrepreneurs and businesses as they become ‘4P businesses’ – businesses focused on ‘profit, purpose, people and planet’. As part of this project, MABD will develop three vehicles in Cambodia as a pilot – the MA Academy (to develop competent entrepreneurs), MA Connect platform (to connect entrepreneurs and investors) and the MABD Advisory (to provide assurance and consulting services), with the intent for further expansion to other MA centres.