HP- Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Abandoned Women

In this project, KOSHSIH aims to create a model of mental health transit care services that the government could replicate in the existing health system. Since 2011 KOSHISH has managed a transit home for abandoned women with mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities. Specialized quality mental health and psychosocial support services are provided through the transit home including psychosocial counseling, psychiatric support, medication, proper nutrition, involvement in therapeutic and skill development activities, and nursing and caring support in a healing environment. In this project, KOSHISH plans to enhance the short-term residential psychosocial support through skilled human resources and agro-based therapy to promote personal growth, enhance self-image, and/or improve and maintain a functioning level of beneficiaries and help them to lead their life independently after recovery. KOSHISH will work along with health units of the country to replicate the model service in the existing health system. Likewise, KOSHISH also plans to maintain collaborative engagement of Local government, Community, and Family members on an equal footing to sustain the change among the people with Psycho-social disabilities in the community.