HP-Empowerment of children and young adults in Qinghai, China

This project aims to empower children and young adults in Qinghai who face social, economic and cultural disadvantages. We see this project will not only help empower them with a life skill, regardless of their gender; it also provides them with a better opportunity to integrate into the Community and be a positive member of the Society. It is a manageable way to help break the intergenerational poverty cycle in the northwest of Mainland China. We want to empower young adults by offering them an opportunity to pursue their favourite career through vocational training, job placement services and entrepreneurial coaching, helping them to have a stable job. For children empowerment, we offer training to parents and caregivers in the International Children Development Programme (ICDP), to empower them to serve and to nurture children from age 0 – 18, to receive healthy physical, psychological and social development.