HP-Advancing for Community Transformation Project in Rukum East (Pro-ACT)

This project aims to bring healthy and dignified life for people of Putha Uttarganga and Bhume in Rukum East district especially women and girls. The project focus is towards improving access to Mental Health services, strengthening local health system, improving the livelihoods of target groups, improving accountability of duty bearers towards target group, and engaging local communities in combating harmful traditional practices. This project will support local health facilities in initiating basic mental health service and raising awareness on mental health issue and stigma associated with it. Project will also focus in improving quality health services delivery focusing on Maternal and Child health from local health facilities and epidemic preparedness in consideration of COVID. Project will work with local farmers, as well as women, people with mental illness, domestic violence survivors and persons with disability to improve their livelihoods. Throughout the project period, accountability will be promoted in every work and capacities of targeted communities will be improved to influence public decisions which impact their lives. Harmful traditional practices which are specifically derogatory to women and girls will be addressed through capacity building as well as engaging with communities, stakeholders for advocacy against it. In short, project will work towards enhancing accessibility of poorest communities specifically women, Dalit and person with disabilities to the public services enabling them to enjoy their entitlements and civic rights.