DFEF-Fighting GBV and reducing school dropouts due to teenage pregnancy

The project seeks to utilize community, Church and school dialogues to combat the escalating rates of gender-based violence (GBV) in 21 communities in 3 constituencies in the Shiselweni region. The project beneficiaries will be empowered with knowledge on GBV and teenage pregnancy that will provoke the pertinent conversations around the two subjects which are considered taboo in many communities around Eswatini. The project further seeks to reduce the constantly growing school dropout rates due to teenage pregnancy. This will ensure that both teenage girls and boys enroll and remain in school until completion. Completing school will provide the teenagers with a level playing ground in competing for scarce employment opportunities that could secure their future socio-economic well-being and break the vicious cycle of poverty amongst their families. The project will ensure sustainability by utilizing duty bearers such as community-based structures that are entrusted by the Government of Eswatini with the responsibility to fight these social ills. The project will horn the skills of community-based structures such as Community Health Motivators, Home Based Carers, and Community Police. These structures will facilitate the dialogues in conjunction with the project staff and act as a catalyst in the fight against GBV and teenage pregnancy in their communities and further sustain the impact of the project after transition. Key Community Leaders such as Pastors, Head Teachers, Career Guidance Teachers, Leaders of Schools Committees and Chiefdom Inner Councils will be trained on GBV and Teenage Pregnancy to create ownership of the interventions.