BS – Africa Youth Service: Capacity Building for The Young Samaritan

Africa Youth Service (AYS) is a specialized unit working on capacity building for development programs within the United Bible Societies (UBS). The unit has two coordinators in Cameroon (Francophone) and Kenya (Anglophone) and is supported by the UBS finance department and Global Mission Team (GMT). The goal of AYS is to strengthen the capacity of national Bible Societies and local partners implementing the Young Samaritan across Sub-Saharan Africa.
The goal of the Young Samaritan is to empower, equip, and enable youth to live responsible lives for self- and societal development, while addressing gender-based violence (GBV) and equality, inclusion of people with disabilities (PWDs), sexual- and reproductive health, social media and radicalization, and environmental stewardship. The key program activity consists of interactive workshops based on carefully developed booklets and a high-quality film covering the preceding topics, as well as life-skills training on areas such as peer pressure, personal boundaries, and realistic planning of education and work. Local partners include churches, schools, youth associations, orphanages, and government agencies, which, along with parents/caregivers, have a responsibility to create conducive environments for the application of acquired knowledge and skills.
AYS provides strategic support and training in the following areas: Financial management, program design and innovation, communication and networks, monitoring and evaluation, research and development, digital competence, pedagogy, gender equality, and inclusion of PWDs. AYS is also supporting and coordinating project activities at the national level, as well as monitoring and reporting on global indicators.