New and Improved Anti-Corruption Course Launched by Wycliffe Norway and Digni

An updated version of Wycliffe Norway’s and Digni’s popular anti-corruption course is now available, providing all you need to raise awareness in an interactive and reflective way and give participants practical tools to prevent corruption in their local context.  

Corruption is one of our greatest global problems. The consequences are devastating for individuals, local communities, and countries. Therefore, preventing and fighting corruption is an important part of Digni’s work.   

Developed in partnership
In 2011 Digni provided financial support to its member organisation, Wycliffe Norway, to create a grassroots course on anti-corruption. The course was developed and tested in cooperation with the Digni secretariat and partners in the Digni fellowship in Africa and Asia. This became a great success, and the course has since been revised several times.  

Agnes Lid, the director in Wycliffe Norway, explains: 
— Our projects were implemented in contexts with widespread corruption, but when our project consultants wanted to run a training for our partners, they found that most resources were aimed at academics and focused on theory, not on practical application. The idea emerged of creating a practical and case-based course that could be used by all types of project staff – from driver to director. 

The course is intended for leadership and staff in implementing development organisations. However, it has also been used with project participants, local authorities, religious leaders, and other actors in local contexts. The aim is to raise awareness of what corruption is, why it is harmful, how we can prevent it both in our professional lives and as private individuals. Through videos and case studies the course creates awareness, helping participants to discuss dilemmas and challenges relevant to their situation.  

As a part of our overall capacity development plan, Digni started to use the digital learning platform Fabo in 2023. The anti-corruption course has now been revised and adapted to be launched on this platform and can be found here. Lisa Winther in Digni is responsible for the overall capacity development in Digni. She says: 
— We are very excited to announce that the fourth revised version of this popular anti-corruption course now is available on Fabo. We believe that the revision has made the material even more user-friendly and accessible and have added a lot of useful tips for facilitators.  

Interactive and reflective
Anyone who wish to facilitate the course can freely find everything needed to plan and run the different parts of the training on Fabo.  

The site provides:
– useful tips for planning, preparing, and running the training either in-real-life or online 
– concrete tips for the role of the facilitator and how to handle various challenges that may arise
– a detailed facilitator’s guide with scripts, instructions for case-studies, exercises, ready-made PowerPoint presentations, videos and handouts for each part of the training
– an evaluation template that can be adjust for your context
– tips for further reading and additional resources on anti-corruption.  

The material is very interactive and use various exercises and elements to create reflection and discussion among the participants.  

— Our experience is that the group discussions, dilemmas and case studies are important and appreciated tools to create a deeper understanding and help participants relate the content to their own context, says Lisa Winther.  

Digni’s Controller, Stein Ole Kolstad Varhaug, has been part of the team working with the revised version of the course. He says that when the course was removed from the website due to renewal, he received surprisingly many questions from other organisations about where to find the course. He continues: 

— I have received positive feedback on how this course increases knowledge about corruption, but more importantly provides useful tools on how organisations and individuals can fight it. 

  Lisa Winther concludes with:  
— We really hope that the revised course material will be widely used and helpful for both donors and partner organisations and contribute to a greater awareness about corruption and how this can be prevented in various contexts. We would be very grateful to all who would like to help us spread the word or give us feedback on the course.  

The course is available on the following link: Digni grassroots training on anti-corruption   

From left: Lillian E. R. Våje, Stein Ole Kolstad Varhaug, Lisa Winter in the working group revising the course.