A quick sightseeing in Bangkok before a river boat cruise. From the left: Sonam Gyamtsho (DPAB, Bhutan), Norman Franklin Augustin (Philippines, Lingap Pangkabataan), Nguyen Thi Bao Tran (Mission Alliance, Vietnam), Sonam Deki, (DPAB, Buthan), Siti Meilan Simbolon (YNLM, Indonesia), Dilsy Arbutante (Mission Alliance, Philippines), Siem Sun, (ICC Cambodia), Marylaine C Ambion (Mission Alliance, Philippines), Chen Rith (World Renew, Cambodia) Photo: Jacob Bulti Smørdal

Together for civil society

From the 25th to the 29th of April, 49 participants from 12 nations gathered in Bangkok for Digni’s East Asia regional network meeting. Digni’s member organizations and their partners spent three tightly packed days sharing

49 participants from 12 countries were gathered for Dignis network seminar in Bangkok this spring.

experiences, building networks, joining in conversations and participating in discussions.

“Strengthening civil society” was a slogan for the meeting. This was an important theme for many of Digni’s partner organizations, since civil society is given limited negotiating power in many Asian nations. We asked how we can better equip Digni’s fellowship to more accurately provide quality service with the resources we manage. Workshops were held for the purpose of sharing experiences, and to discuss themes such as sustainability, local ownership, capacity building and financial accountability.

One of the highlights was a seminar held by Paul Kingori, from the Free Pentecostal Fellowship of Kenya (FPFK), who had been specially invited to the meeting to share his experiences on the implementation and follow-up of control visits from Norad’s notification team. Kingori offered valuable insight into the documentation and routines that need to be in place for Norad’s control visits.

Cultural entertainment during Digni’s network meeting in Bangkok. Photo: Jacob Bulti Smørdal
Cultural entertainment during Digni’s network meeting in Bangkok. Photo: Jacob Bulti Smørdal
Dignis’ Elie Storesletten was challenged to join in by the entertainment group. Photo: Jacob Bulti Smørdal
Ms. Liu Xiyu (YWCA Kina) and Randi Dyrberg (Areopagos) talks together on a river boat cruise in Bangkok. Photo: Jacob Bulti Smørdal
From the left Sapta Pandia ( Indonesia YNLM) and Siti Meilan Simbolon (Indonesia, YNLM) are participating in group discussions. Photo: Jacob Bulti Smørdal
Sonam Deki from DPAB, Butan, sings a Norwegian childrens song. Photo: Jacob Bulti Smørdal
Paul N. Kingori from Free Pentacoastal Fellowship of Kenya teaches about building fininacial competence and anti corruption. Photo: Jacob Bulti Smørdal