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“This is very useful”

“Beeing here helps us to grow and do better work in our projects”, says Samuel Mario Rojas Muriel, working with the organization FES in Bolivia.

This week, Digni has hosted a Network metting with partners and member organizations of Digni, working in South-America. The meeting has been held in Cochabamba in Bolivia with 50 participants from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

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– Revitalized

Zion says meetings with other organizations in the area is one of his highlights.

“It is inspiring to see others working towards the same vision and mission. Meetings like these is a good way to unite us and create a common idea for the future”, says the delegate from Bolivia.

“We feel revitalized for our work after this week”, Muriel concludes.

Important to Digni as well

“The network meetings are very important to Digni, and we find it useful to meet all the great people working in the projects”, secretary General Jørn Lemvik in Digni states.