Webinar: Gender, Development and Organisational Change

Gender, Development and Organisational Change, a webinar in two parts, June 10 and 17, 10 am to 12 noon.

Start: 10. June 2020, 10:00

Slutt: 17. June 2020, 12:00

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Påmelding innen: 6. June 2020

Place: Zoom (link will be sent to the participants)

Time (UTC+2/Norwegian time):

Part 1: Wednesday 10th of June at 10 am -12 noon

Part 2: Wednesday 17th of June at 10 am -12 noon

This is a webinar in two parts where you’ll be given a brief overview of the field ‘gender and development’ in order to understand where we are in the field today; how our understanding of gender relations influences both development project activities and organisations, and which tools and approaches that are useful when working with gender equality. The inputs are given as teaching with sharing of examples and cases from Digni members’ projects. You will also be challenged to reflect around practice and experiences from your own contexts in relation to the presented theory.

Part 1: Gender and Development (Wednesday 10th of June)

How important is our understanding of gender relations in development work? How can empowerment be a tool in strategies to achieve gender equality?

In this first part you’ll be given some key concepts in ‘gender and development’ and a brief overview of the field in order to understand where we are today. The focus is on empowerment as a tool to achieve gender equality and to strengthen civil society from the grassroot. Examples are from NMS’ project in Ethiopia where empowerment is a strategic tool in advancing gender equality in the church. Through practical examples you’ll recognise theory from the Digni Empowerment Assessment Tool and learn how this is utilised.

Part 2: Gender and organisational change (Wednesday 17th of June)

Are organisations gender neutral, or do they need to have a gender perspective? How may this look like and affect their activities?

Using empowerment as a tool to achieve gender equality is not enough. Any activity or development initiative takes place in a context, organisation or institution that is influenced by gender. This session is presented mainly with reference to findings from a study of organisational change in relation to advancing women’s position and representation in decision making bodies in the context of the Free Pentecostal Fellowship of Kenya and the Tuinuane Women’s project (2016).

Marit Breen

Marit Breen is a gender advisor in NMS Global with field experience from development projects in Madagascar, Egypt and Cameroon, but mainly from Ethiopia where she lived from 2012-2018. She has an MA in Gender Analysis in International Development, University of East Anglia, Norwich, and an MA in Global Studies from VID Specialized University, School of Mission and Theology (MHS), Stavanger.
At VID, MHS she also taught as an assistant professor in science of religion and science of culture. She’s passionate about the field of gender and development from the perspective of faith based organisations, and has facilitated several workshops and trainings on these topics with various organisations and in different international context.

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