• Q1- DR Congo: Local partner with expenses not satisfactorily accounted for and breaches on the grant agreement. NOK 597.812 repaid to Norad.
  • Q1-India: Project leader with a local partner has systematically embezzled funds. NOK 604.798 repaid to Norad.
  • Q1- Indonesia: Financial irregularities such as fraud done by an employee with the local partner. Expenses not satisfactorily accounted for. NOK 63.783 repaid to Norad.
  • Q1-Liberia: Forensic audit revealed large scale fraud with the local partner. NOK 4.247.229 repaid to Norad.
  • Q1- DR Congo: Financial irregularities with local partner. Misstated general ledger and financial reports. Expenses not satisfactorily accounted for. NOK 328.851 repaid to Norad.
  • Q2- India: Suspicion of irregularity led to voluntary repaiment of the entire support amount. NOK 1.638.102 repaid to Norad.
  • Q2 Nepal: Financial irregularities by employees with the local partner. Overbilling of food an office supplies. NOK 34.503 repaid to the project.
  • Q3 Madagascar: An employee with the local partner embezzled project funds by counterfeiting signatures and produce fake invocies. NOK 4.122 repaid to Norad.
  • Q4-Kenya: Forensic audit revealed errors in reconsiliations, breaches on procurement rules, and weak control of payments. NOK 154.934 repaid to Norad.