New general secretary is in place

On the first of August Hjalmar Bø started in his role as Digni’s new general secretary. One of Hjalmar’s more important qualities is endurance – something he has proven by running marathons and working 20 years in development.

A joyous increase for Digni’s organizations

The umbrella organization Digni has signed a new agreement securing nearly one billion Norwegian Kroner for its work in improving the living standards of many living in poverty.

Together for civil society

49 participants from 12 nations gathered for Digni’s network meeting in Bangkok, Thailand last week. One of the meeting’s goals was to find out how we can work together to strengthen civil society.

Must have better routines for the prevention of sexual harassment

The Norwegian Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Development promise to tighten controls of development organizations’ routines to prevent sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment.

“A quantum leap for human rights education on freedom of religion or belief”

- Film and media shape public opinion and can mobilize action to build a culture of freedom of religion or belief, said Dr. Dwayne Menezes, co-founder of Think Film Impact Production when the FORB Learning Platform was launched at the UN this week.

Giving hope through education

There are many girls who do not attend school in Ethiopia. Youth With A Mission Skien, Norway is working to bring change to this problem. Through their efforts 4500 children are now receiving a primary school education – and half of the students are girls.

Everybody knows about the problem but nobody does enough to help

Most of the Norwegian political parties agree that the just thing to do is to receive refugees through the UN system. Yet the number of quota refugees received into Norway continues to drop.

Charity versus human rights

According to the United Nations’ Human Development Report 2016, one percent of the world’s population owns 46 percent of the […]

Film about Christian persecution in Pakistan

Stefanus Alliance International, an organization working to help persecuted Christians, recently came out with a film that gives needed insight into the situation of Christians in Pakistan.

Peace committees stop looting in Southeast Nepal

In just a few years the number of lootings in Southeast Nepal has decreased by 60 percent. This year will see levels decrease by half from last year’s levels. All of this has happened using non-violent means.

The other side of grants to Africa, who are the beneficiaries?

VOICE FROM THE SOUTH by: James T. Cooper, General Secretary/CEO, Association of Evangelicals of Liberia At first glance, one may […]

Sexual abuse and harassment – a massive problem

#metoo has helped thousands of women share their personal stories of sexual abuse and harassment, and an increasing number of […]