– Corruption creates inequality

Digni and Wycliffe launches new anti-corruption course. - We are already looking forward to start using the new course, says program director Huma Sadaf from Pakistan.

–Great to be asked for advise

To be asked for advice about our new Strategy, was the most memorable thing at Digni’s Network meeting in Kenya for Bishow Samhika, representing the Salvation Army.

“A quantum leap for human rights education on freedom of religion or belief”

- Film and media shape public opinion and can mobilize action to build a culture of freedom of religion or belief, said Dr. Dwayne Menezes, co-founder of Think Film Impact Production when the FORB Learning Platform was launched at the UN this week.

“This is not about us”

More than 160 organizations protested in front of the parliment.

“This is very useful”

"It is inspiring to see others working towards the same vision and mission", Samuel Mario Rojas Muriel and Zion says.

“We have let donors believe they are heroes”

- We must change the story we tell to donors, says former Chief Executive in Tearfund, Matthew Frost.

“We should fight for the poor”

- Norwegian politicians should work hard to reverse aid cut, says Gerardo Apaza.

“Women are stepping forward now”

Major growth in the number of women in the parish parish councils in Western Ethiopia.

“Fill the earth and subdue it…”

This is what is written in the creation account in Genesis 1:28. But what does this mean? Are we created to rule and dominate over creation, doing whatever we please to the environment?

“Now we live in harmony!”

Solomon Agono Okiro suffers from AIDS, but his wife Chrispus Atieno Agono is not infected. “We’ve learned to live together without infecting one another,” they tell us.

«Om Gud vil»

Kirken står om enn tårnene faller, heter det i salmen. I en pandemi som både øker fattigdommen og tar liv, har kirkene og religiøse ledere i sør viktige roller. Det er nødvendig i møte med en utbredt «om Gud vil»-tankegang.

A long time before poverty is abolished

The world has reached a number of milestones in working toward the abolition of extreme poverty, yet the concentration of wealth is nonetheless increasing at an alarming rate.