Digital learning days

Online learning day for partners in the Digni Fellowship

Part 1  

Analysing and managing risks an important key to successful project implementation.   


All projects are required to have a risk matrix, but have you ever wondered why this actually is important and useful? Together with Harald Nyeggen Sommer from PwC we will explore what possibly can go wrong at project level and what consequences this can have for our organisation, the project and the project participants. After this session we hope that you will have a better understanding of what risk is and what is crucial to think of when we analyse and manage it.


Part 2  

Working with change in a religious world – how increased understanding of the role of religion and belief can improve our professional capacity.  


Regardless if we identify ourselves as religious or not, we operate in contexts where religion and belief matters. Religion, religious ideas and faith-based actors influence us, other individuals, organisations and societies and its development both in positive and negative ways. In this session Petter Jacobsen from “SMC-faith in development” will provide us with tools to better understand the dynamics at stake and help us as development actors to navigate wisely in our context and act in a conscious and conflict sensitive way in a complex world. We believe this religious literacy, the skill to “read” the religious dynamics, is crucial for us to increase the impact of our interventions.


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Contributors: Digni is delighted to have two eminent experts facilitating these parts for us.

The first part will be led by Harald Nyeggen Sommer from Price Waterhouse Coopers. Before joining PwC in 2019, he had more than 15 years of experience in the development sector, among others as Country Director in Zambia for the Norwegian Church Aid. He has an in-depth understanding of policies, rules and regulations governing Norwegian official development.

Petter Jakobsson, advisor at the Digni’s Swedish sister organisation SMC – faith in development, will lead the second part. He is an ordained minister in the Uniting Church in Sweden, has a degree in Education and Development from University of Bristol UK and has worked with the role of religion in international development cooperation for decades.