Privacy Protection Statement

In this statement you will find what kind of information we are collecting – and why. Learn more about our use of cookies at the bottom of this page.

Who does this statement apply to?

Digni’s statement on privacy protection applies to everyone who applies for employment or is employed by Digni or by a Digni member or partner organization. The statement also applies to those who are in contact with Digni through their work or position, and to those who through their interest in Digni’s work make contact with Digni.

Information processing manager

Digni’s general secretary is responsible on behalf of Digni for the organization’s processing and handling of personal information. The daily responsibility for the processing of personal information is delegated to Digni’s assistant general secretary.

Legal basis for the processing of personal information

Digni primarily processes personal information with the purpose of fulfilling its foundational commitments to its member organizations, to report on the work of Digni and its members to those who are interested, and to fulfill its obligations as an employer.

Data security

The personal information Digni holds is secured through the use of virtual and physical access controls, and through the use of passwords for electronic devices. In instances when it is necessary for Digni to store physical documents that contain personal information, these documents are kept in locked cabinets. The legal grounds for the processing of personal information and the routines for the storage and deletion of this information are specified under a separate GDPR protocol of the Digni secretariat, and is connected to Digni’s quality control system ISO 9001:2015. All of Digni’s subcontractors in the areas of IT, accounting, insurance, etc., are subject to data security agreements.

What kind of data does Digni collect?

Generally, Digni collects information directly from those that the information directly deals with, and no more than what we consider necessary to fulfill the specific purpose of a particular process. The type of personal information we primarily collect is as follows:

  • Email addresses from those who subscribe to our weekly circular, or to our Bulletin publication. A person can unsubscribe from these services at any time via a link in the email program.
  • Information on our Facebook and Instagram followers, the articles and issues that are ‘liked’ or commented on, and the articles and issues that are read and are of interest to our followers on social media.
  • Information generated by Google Analytics, Google’s own website tracking tool, which helps us observe user patterns and optimize our website based on our users’ needs and wishes. Each new user is given a unique ID number, allowing us to track each user’s behavior on our website. The sole purpose of this data is used to give our users relevant web content and a better web experience. Information collected via Google Analytics is stored on Google’s server and is subject to Google’s personal privacy policy. Read more about information capsules (cookies) at the bottom of this page.
  • For our breakfast meetings, network meetings, members days, general secretary meetings, representative meetings, or other meetings hosted on behalf of Digni, we collect the names, contact information, possible food allergies and individual needs of each person attending, This information is used solely for the purpose of managing Digni arrangements. – The names and contact information of the employees of Digni’s member organizations and partner organizations that are in contact with or report to Digni through their work.
  • The names, contact information, and information on possible conflicts of interest for those who are appointed to Digni’s board of directors. – The names, contact information, applications and CVs for those who apply to positions in Digni.
  • In relation to any investigation into a possible case of fraud, Digni in some instances keeps documents that contain the names and information of those individuals who are involved in the case.
  • The contact information, personal ID numbers, tax information, and other information of Digni employees that is deemed necessary to fulfill Digni’s obligations as an employer.

Pictures and videos

Digni employees often take pictures or videos of various activities arranged by Digni, and of project visits in different countries. These are used as illustrations for articles on our website, social media and in printed material.

  • To the degree that a person is the main subject of an article, express permission must be received by that person before publication. We show extreme sensitivity in the publishing of pictures of children under the age of 15. We are also aware that pictures under certain conditions can expose sensitive personal information, such as ethnicity, political or religious affiliation, sickness or disabilities, sexual orientation, etc. In these instances we commit ourselves to being extremely careful with the publication of these pictures.
  • Situation pictures (photos in which an activity is the main subject), on the other hand, can be published without the express permission of those pictured, as long as the pictures are harmless and are in no way offensive to those who are pictured.

Your personal rights

Should you want access to the personal information Digni has stored about you, or have this information updated or deleted, we will see if this is possible and then respond to your inquiry no later than one month from the date that your inquiry was received.

Digni’s contact person

Elizabeth L. Walmann is the contact person for Digni’s privacy protection systems, and can be reached at, Arbinsgate 0253, Oslo, or by telephone at 24 11 11 55.


Personal information:

Every piece of information that can be connected to an identified or identifiable person.

Sensitive personal information:

Every piece of information on ethnicity, political, philosophical or religious persuasion, health conditions, associations with punishable offenses, sexual orientation or union membership.


A physical person whose personal information is processed by Digni.


Each operation that is done with a piece of personal information, such as collection, registration, structuring, analyzing, storing, disseminating, and deleting.

Information processing manager:

A physical or juridical person (such as an organization, government agency or corporation) who, alone or together with others, decides the purposes for the processing and handling of collected personal information.

Data manager:

A physical or juridical person (such as an organization, government agency or corporation) who processes personal information on behalf of the information processing manager.

Legal basis:

The legal, foundational prerequisites for the processing and handling of personal information. These can be registered, by approval, based on various reasons of necessity.

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  • We use WordPress as publishing platform. Through WordPress stores different cookies, including whether you use your mobile or computer when you visit pages. You can read more about the information WordPress stores here.
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