What is Digni?

An umbrella organization

Digni is an umbrella organisation for 19 Norwegian mission societies and churches engaged in long-term development cooperation.


All of Digni’s member organizations are founded on Christian values. This affects Digni’s way of thinking and working. The creation should be managed with care, and all people are equally valuable and should be treated with respect.

Locally grounded

In developing countries, Digni’s members have a comprehensive network of partner organizations and supporters. In Norway, the members organize and draw support from a base of about 300.000 people. This ensures cultural insight, local ownership and grassroots involvement.


On behalf of the members, Digni manages a multi-year agreement with Norad. Digni is working actively against corruption. Digni is also working systematically to build solid organizations and competent management at all levels.

We are 20 Christian organizations working against poverty, and for dignified lives.