Sør-pakken» i Nansen-programmet må videreføres i revidert nasjonalbudsjett

Given the substantial revenue Norway has gained from its oil and gas industry, particularly amidst the conflict in Ukraine, it is important and ethical to allocate these funds towards aiding developing countries that are currently facing the greatest hardships as a consequence of the war. You can read more in this article published in Dagen by Hjalmar Bø.

Digni’s regional network meetings in Africa and Asia

Digni arranged two regional network meetings in November 2023. The last network meetings were held in 2019. Due to the […]

Høringsinnspill til Statsbudsjettet 2024

Today Hjalmar Bø presented Digni`s input to the aid budget 2024. You can read the whole consultation input here (in Norwegian)

The aid budget – negative trend continues

That the aid budget should amount to one percent of GNI has long been a symbolically important limit. This was also promised in the Hurdal platform. We were therefore disappointed when the aid budget was presented on the 6th of October and this year the government did not reach the target of 1 per cent either.

Local democracy and locally led development deserve more attention

In this article in Dagen, Hjalmar Bø writes (in Norwegian) about the importance of local democracy and locally led development. Donors must to a greater extent recognize and respect the dignity, priorities, knowledge, rights and ambitions of local actors and partners.

Digni’s 40th anniversary

We celebrated Digni’s 40th anniversary yesterday on June 8th. We celebrated the anniversary at Frelsesarmeen premises, Tempelet. Representatives from several […]

Cutting aid to Uganda is not the way to go

29th of May it became known that President Museveni approves the anti-gay law. The law entails stricter penalties for lhbtiq people. People who carry out "gross homosexual acts", such as having sex with an HIV-positive person, risk the death penalty, and "promoting homosexuality" can lead to up to 20 years in prison. In this article in Panorama, Secretary-General Hjalmar Bø and Senior advisor politics and communication Torhild Breidlid writes why cutting aid to Uganda may now be counterproductive because it could affect the most vulnerable.

Focus on renewable energy

Recently, Hjalmar Bø, Kristian Larsen, Lilliann Våje and Torhild Breidlid in Digni were on a project visit to Eswatini and visited the partner Free Evangelical Christian Fellowship (FECF) and the Solar Training and Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Center (STREEC) project. STREEC aims to create jobs and train entrepreneurs in renewable energy. You can read more about how STREEC contributes to poverty reduction, jobs and energy security in Eswatini here.

Increasing inequality in the world affects the most vulnerable

In a time of increased inequality, the principle of "Leaving no one behind" must be more than a slogan. If vulnerable groups are not actively prioritized in development work, inequality will continue to increase. You can read this article written by Hjalmar Bø in Dagen here.

Focus on religious actors!

The climate crisis has contributed to extreme poverty and hunger in Madagascar. But local expertise and faith-based actors can contribute to more climate-smart agriculture. You can read this article in Norwegian written by Stephanie Dietrich and Hjalmar Bø in Panorama.

Violence against women and girls: The most widespread human rights violation

- 1 in 3 women in the world are affected by violence during their lifetime. On average, a woman or girl is killed by someone in her own family every 11 minutes. Read more about how Digni's members and partners work to combat gender-based violence in this Norwegian article by Hjalmar Bø

Project visit to Blue Cross Kisumu in Kenya

In November 2022, Lilliann and E.R. Våje and Marit Rosendahl Andersen travelled to Kisumu, Kenya to visit Blue Cross's local partner. The visit gave Digni a good overview of Blue Cross's important work in the region, and how the local partner works with administration and organizational development.