Everybody knows about the problem but nobody does enough to help

Most of the Norwegian political parties agree that the just thing to do is to receive refugees through the UN system. Yet the number of quota refugees received into Norway continues to drop.

Charity versus human rights

According to the United Nations’ Human Development Report 2016, one percent of the world’s population owns 46 percent of the […]

The other side of grants to Africa, who are the beneficiaries?

VOICE FROM THE SOUTH by: James T. Cooper, General Secretary/CEO, Association of Evangelicals of Liberia At first glance, one may […]

Sexual abuse and harassment – a massive problem

#metoo has helped thousands of women share their personal stories of sexual abuse and harassment, and an increasing number of […]

Battle for a dignified life

A few years ago the Norwegian Mission’s Development Committee (Bistandsnemnda) changed its name to Digni, which is derived from the Latin word dignitas, or dignity. In our overall strategy we state that our vision is to work to ensure that all people experience a life of dignity. But how can something like ‘dignity’ be measured – and who can decide what it means to experience a dignified life?

The West – better than the rest?

News stories on recent natural disasters point again to a world order that gives the West power to define terminology, allowing for a distorted image of the value of life: Western lives count more than others.

“Fill the earth and subdue it…”

This is what is written in the creation account in Genesis 1:28. But what does this mean? Are we created to rule and dominate over creation, doing whatever we please to the environment?

They wanted to share the idea of equality

The Reformation and later Haugianism nurtured the concept of equality, which became the driving force behind the Norwegian foreign missions movement.

A long time before poverty is abolished

The world has reached a number of milestones in working toward the abolition of extreme poverty, yet the concentration of wealth is nonetheless increasing at an alarming rate.

Recipients not invited for hearings

A fresh Digni survey shows that partners in the global south feel incapacitated by governments forming the development politics without even asking for their opinions.


- Now the bureaucrats, politicians, civil society, and the academy must work together, Secretary General Jørn Lemvik writes.