Digni’s report on Anti-Corruption 2018-2023

In this report you can read about how Digni, member organisations, and their partners, have worked strategically to reduce risks […]

New overarching strategy

Upholding human dignity – leaving no one behind. This is Digni’s vision in our new overarching strategy towards 2030. Today, Digni's board and staff are meeting to discuss a new strategic action plan.


Digni presents the report from the capacity building project Global Innovation Partnership in new ways.

Digni Global Consultation

November 9-11 Digni gathered member organisations and their partners from 25 different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America for a Global Consultation. The meeting served as a forum to discuss the current global context we work in, our opportunities as faith-based civil society, and how Digni can make strategic choices that maximize the member organisations’ and partners’ impact towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Anti-corruption work in Digni in 2018

Four cases of financial irregularities were closed in 2018

Together for civil society

49 participants from 12 nations gathered for Digni’s network meeting in Bangkok, Thailand last week. One of the meeting’s goals was to find out how we can work together to strengthen civil society.

Must have better routines for the prevention of sexual harassment

The Norwegian Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Development promise to tighten controls of development organizations’ routines to prevent sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment.

“A quantum leap for human rights education on freedom of religion or belief”

- Film and media shape public opinion and can mobilize action to build a culture of freedom of religion or belief, said Dr. Dwayne Menezes, co-founder of Think Film Impact Production when the FORB Learning Platform was launched at the UN this week.

Giving hope through education

There are many girls who do not attend school in Ethiopia. Youth With A Mission Skien, Norway is working to bring change to this problem. Through their efforts 4500 children are now receiving a primary school education – and half of the students are girls.

Everybody knows about the problem but nobody does enough to help

Most of the Norwegian political parties agree that the just thing to do is to receive refugees through the UN system. Yet the number of quota refugees received into Norway continues to drop.

Charity versus human rights

According to the United Nations’ Human Development Report 2016, one percent of the world’s population owns 46 percent of the […]

Film about Christian persecution in Pakistan

Stefanus Alliance International, an organization working to help persecuted Christians, recently came out with a film that gives needed insight into the situation of Christians in Pakistan.