A joyous increase for Digni’s organizations

Digni just signed a new cooperative agreement with Norad for the 2018-2023 period. The long-term subsidy has increased annually from 160 million Norwegian Kroner to 186 million. In addition to this, a number of member organizations will also receive support through earmarked programs.

Digni is an umbrella organization for twenty church and mission organizations that do long-term developmental work in the global south.

“That Digni has received such a solid increase in its annual appropriation in relation to the previous period, we interpret as a statement of trust and a result of the solid work being done by our member organizations and their partners in the south,” says Digni’s functioning general secretary Elizabeth Laura Walmann.

In addition to contributing to building a strong civil society in the south, the funds will be dispersed to projects that are establishing good and inclusive educational systems, quality healthcare services, a sustainable environment, peaceful coexistence, and improved quality of life.

“Being entrusted with these funds comes with a tremendous responsibility. Through our efforts we want to contribute to the global fight against poverty, and to reaching the UN’s goals for sustainability,” states Walmann.

During the previous agreement period with Norad, 750,000 people were directly affected by projects operated through the Digni fellowship, while 5.8 million people were indirectly affected.

Norad received applications from 37 organizations, seven of which received a support agreement. Digni received the largest sum of all of these organizations.