Digni launches new website

– This is an important milestone for Digni. With the new website, we get a clearer form of communication on our websites, Secretary-General Jørn Lemvik states.

The new websites contributes with several new features, which will make Digni’s work more available to the rest of the world. Amongst other things, the website has now gotten a so-called responsive design. This means that all content will look equally good, regardless of what kind of device you’re using. (Computers, Tablets or mobiles.) In addition, the aid organisation have launched a completely new project map, where users can click on and read about every project that Digni supports.

– It’s important to us that we can clearly show where the money is going to anyone who might be interested in seeing it. In addition, it is important to me that Digni is presented in a modern manner. We achieve this with a new and exciting design, Lemvik says.

Wants to convey results

The website was developed by the digital agency Agens, on Digni’s request. Jonathan Ekström is the designer that has done most of the main work. The project manager from Digni’s side is Sigbjørn Kiserud.

– We know very well that the work out in the field has a positive impact, but the job is not done until we also successfully report it in a proper way to the Norwegian population. We hope to be better equipped to do just that with the new website, Lemvik says.

He points out that communication is more important than ever in Norwegian aid work.

– Norwegian authorities have a legitimate and important demand for results. They want to see results in all channels. This is something we now promise to provide, he says.

Updated logo

While launching the new website, Digni have also decided to update their logo, to a more robust font.

– While working on the new websites, we noticed that the font in our old logo was more difficult to use digitally. We therefore chose to come up with a minor update here as well, project manager Kiserud says.

He is excited to see how the users will receive the new website.

– We’ve worked hard to finish this website, but we are very much aware of the fact that there will still be errors and omissions on the site. Don’t hesitate to notify us of any errors by sending us an email, he encourages.