Digni secures extra funding

Digni is an umbrella organization for the development work of 19 Norwegian mission societies and churches. Digni has a framework agreement with Norad ensuring funding of 160 million NOK per year from the Norwegian government. The money is channeled from Digni to the member organizations and their partners.

– We are happy

Digni has secured additional funding of 8,3 million NOK in 2015. No other organization with an existing framework agreement with Norad has received more additional funds in 2015.

– We are happy that Norad recognizes what we experience every day. The churches reach even the smallest village. The work of the mission societies and the churches are yielding positive results in the South, says Jørn Lemvik, general secretary of Digni.

Focus on education

The additional funds are earmarked for education, which is a theme prioritized by the Norwegian government.

– Digni’s members have vast experience with educational development. Our organizations were engaged in education long before Norad and the aid and development sector existed. Look to Africa: Much of the education system in place was initiated by churches.

The extra funds will be used for projects aimed at enhancing quality education, as well as technical and professional education.

– 90 % of the world’s children go to school, but according to UNESCO one out of three students learn nothing in school. Therefore it is extremely important to secure quality education. At the same time, too many receive theoretical education that may not be needed. Technical schools tend to hold a lower status in development, however, we see the importance of these school and will work to lift technical education, says Lemvik.

Good results

According to Norad.no,the director of the civil society sector in Norad, Svein Bæra, says that only organizations that demonstrate good results will receive extra funding.

– The results achieved is the main criteria when we decide on increases or decreases of funding. If the organization cannot document good results, their support will be phased out, states Bæra.